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Seeking feedback on our newsletter

Geneva Health Files is proud to serve this unique community of readers in global health. In order to make this journalistic initiative sustainable, we are considering a paid subscription model, where our readers will pay for our content to make our reporting possible. This will be a key transition for us over the next few months in 2021. Help us understand your preferences. Please take a minute to complete this short survey – an important feedback from you that will help shape the future of this initiative. Photo by Shotkit from Pexels Since September 2020, Geneva Health Files has switched to a weekly newsletter format … Continue reading Seeking feedback on our newsletter

The story of Geneva Health Files

Geneva Health Files sent out the first edition of its newsletter on Substack. Here it is: Dear Subscribers, I am pleased and honored to be writing my first post to you. Welcome to the Geneva Health Files community.   An introduction is due for many new readers. I am an Indian journalist who has been working in Switzerland for the last decade. I publish Geneva Health Files, a website that tracks the governance of global health. Geneva Health Files was born and launched in the midst of the on-going pandemic. Here’s a story of how we got here. Global Health … Continue reading The story of Geneva Health Files

Sign up! Geneva Health Files Newsletter

Dear Readers, Thank you for your continued support to Geneva Health Files. We have been encouraged by your interest in keeping track of how key decisions in global health are being shaped in Geneva. Soon, we are starting a weekly newsletter. This will bring you deep dives on key global health issues, and relevant, curated content, delivered directly to your inbox. Given fast-moving developments on policies and politics in global health, we have decided to share our stories in a newsletter format so that you do not miss out on important analyses. Early results from our on-going survey on readership, show that … Continue reading Sign up! Geneva Health Files Newsletter

Seeking Feedback from Readers

Dear Readers,  For nearly three months, Geneva Health Files has been tracking the governance of global health, bringing you stories and analyses from the epicenter of international health policy-making. I have been deeply encouraged by my readers. Here is a short survey to understand reader preferences and expectations: I look forward to hearing your suggestions and criticisms to shape this reporting service as we go along. I can be reached at Thank you for your time.  Sincerely, Priti PatnaikFounding EditorGeneva Health Files Continue reading Seeking Feedback from Readers

The Three Month Mark: Geneva Health Files

Geneva Health Files completes three months – here’s what was covered In the three months since its inception, Geneva Health Files has published more than a dozen, in-depth, comprehensive, analytical stories on global health matters as they took shape in Geneva. The city is  the epicenter of pandemic-related international health policy-making and this publication is keeping a close watch on how these decisions are being made. While many of these stories are, what are called “exclusives” in journalistic jargon, others were straight-forward curation of routine, but important developments in Geneva. The publication is grateful for the trust shown by its … Continue reading The Three Month Mark: Geneva Health Files