Coming Soon: The TRIPS Waiver Negotiations, A Compilation from Geneva Health Files


Presenting a comprehensive volume capturing the blow-by-blow account of the TRIPS Waiver discussions at the WTO that unfolded during October 2020-June 2022. This is a compilation of 50 stories from Geneva Health Files on the subject.

The book has been put together at the request of several readers of Geneva Health Files, including trade negotiators, academics, and activists. The objective has been to weave together and present the path of these negotiations in a chronological, linear fashion. Nearing 450 pages, the book is being presented as a ready reckoner and a journalistic chronicle of these discussions.

We do hope that this volume will prove to be useful for the different kinds of communities that have followed these discussions in the last two years.

In the interest of time, we decided to self-publish this book to make it easily accessible, just as the discussions on extending the June 2022 ministerial decision to medicines and tests get underway in Geneva in the coming weeks.

Please fill out this form to indicate your interest in getting a copy of this book.

We will subsequently share details on where and how to order.

Image Credit: Oladimeji Alaka

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