The importance of the scope of the TRIPS Waiver. Talks off to a tough start at WTO

Why the scope of the TRIPS Waiver is crucial to address the pandemic?

Tough start to the negotiations on the TRIPS Waiver. Countries remain divided, but agree to engage. The U.S. does not commit to a deadline to reach decision on TRIPS Waiver talks

In today’s update on the TRIPS Waiver talks, we look at the informal meeting among WTO members on June 17 where countries agreed on a roadmap for the negotiations. We also look at the substantive elements in the revised proposal and the procedural aspects to this discussion.

For this story, we had extensive interviews with diplomatic sources to get as accurate an understanding as possible on the unfolding discussions.


The process to begin negotiations on the TRIPS Waiver, got off to a difficult start this week, when WTO members met informally on June 16, but agreed on a plan to engage on text-based discussions on the proposal.

Sources familiar with the proceedings of the meeting were of the view that there is no consensus on the waiver approach to address the pandemic, among WTO members.

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