Geneva Health Files: Summer Internship Announcement

Volunteer Opportunity in Global Health Journalism: Geneva Health Files

Geneva Health Files, is an inter-disciplinary journalistic initiative that reports on power and politics at the heart of global health. This small, but growing news operation is looking for a student who can help us report on global health and promote our work in order to expand our readership and subscriber base. 

This is an opportunity to start with a contemporary, small newsroom and gain hands-on experience in learning how global health journalism functions in Geneva. It is a great opportunity to not only learn to think and write about global health more critically, but an exciting initiative in media entrepreneurship that you can help scale.

The role will be divided into two main objectives: 

  • Reporting and research activities: These could include attending webinars, conducting research and analyses, and helping with certain aspects of production. 

  • Widening readership: These tasks include promoting Geneva Health Files among global health experts everywhere. This will mean reaching out to institutions, working on grant proposals, and curating our work in a way that is appealing to potential funders and readers.

This requires a commitment of 5-10 hours per week and is presently an unpaid position

About our work: Geneva Health Files reports on global health governance in Geneva by looking at the field through the lens of politics, science, law and trade. Our in-depth stories seek to go beyond the headlines and capture the important nuances at a time when global health policy-making in Geneva is changing everyday. This initiative writes for its readers who are professionals in the global health field – from member state representatives to academic experts – and we follow the discussions and negotiations that lead up to the international headlines. 

If interested, please send a quick note (~200-500 words) on why you are interested in the position and what you hope to gain from working with Geneva Health Files. Also send us your CV with a cover letter before June 5, 2021. Write to Priti Patnaik, Founding Editor, Geneva Health Files: with Internship in the subject line.

This very first internship opportunity will entail a preliminary duration of June 15th 2021-September 15, 2021. 

See below the description of the tasks.


Depending on the interest in this opportunity, we could also consider two interns for these distinct work streams, although ideally one person who can do both these tasks is preferable. 

  1. Editorial tasks
  2. A weekly editorial call to discuss priorities for coverage.  
  3. Curating news developments
  4. Posting on Medium, Facebook, updating WordPress
  5. Listening in on press briefings and webinars (Summarising as necessary) 
  6. Production of occasional podcasts [If the candidate has relevant skills for this.]
  7. Analysing and cleaning up subscriber lists

II. Promotions tasks

  • Systematic mapping and reaching out to global health organizations in Geneva
  • Working on online events as necessary 
  • Targeted outreach of global health academics outside of Geneva 
  • Working on e-books, and posters as necessary
  • Working on grant proposals 

Skills required:

  • An understanding of global health and international trade
  • An appreciation on the role of journalism in global health
  • A good writer with a nose for news (Prior writing experience desirable)
  • Web skills including content management system, social media
  • A basic understanding of the newsletter economy
  • Critical thinking and a sense of humor will be a plus

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