Countries divided on ways to reform WHO emergency preparedness


Some would argue that we are in the run up to one of the most crucial discussions on how the world must prepare for the next health emergency, even as the current pandemic continues to light up waves of infections and deaths in countries like India and Brazil, among many others.

Apart from the status of the negotiations itself, this story also looks at the underlying process in these negotiations and how this can impact the discussions towards the pandemic treaty.

We reported earlier that the draft resolution on strengthening WHO preparedness and response to health emergencies that is expected to be considered at the 74th session of the WHA in May this year is making space to articulate the need for such a treaty. The discussions on the resolution are being led by the EU.

Readers must make a distinction between the on-going discussion on this resolution, and the parallel discussions on a proposed pandemic treaty – although these processes influence each other. This resolution formally makes away for a structured discussion on a proposed pandemic treaty.

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