Views from a vaccine manufacturer: Incepta, Bangladesh


As we reported recently, the debate around enabling technology transfer is proving to be critical in addressing shortages in the production of vaccines to fight back the pandemic. We wanted to know from manufacturers from developing countries on the challenges they face in making vaccines for COVID-19. Geneva Health Files brings you an interview with Abdul Muktadir, Chairman & Managing Director, of the Dhaka-based company Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited.

Muktadir, an industrial pharmacist by training, leads Incepta, which was established in 1999. A company specialising in biosimilars and vaccines, Incepta employs nearly 10,000 people and produces about 1000 different medicines and vaccines including oral cholera vaccines, vaccines for influenza, measles, rubella, and Hepatitis B among others. Incepta exports to 67 countries across the world, has three manufacturing sites, and has 17 factories and research facilities.

Abdul Muktadir, Chairman & Managing Director, Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited

[Geneva Health Files]: What according to you, are the real impediments for technology transfer in the process of production of vaccines in the developing world? 

[Abdul Muktadir]: The innovator companies are preoccupied with the supply commitments to the governments from where they have taken advance payment. They have successfully transferred the technology to all the Contract Research Organizations (CROs) so the technical difficulties that are often referred may not be a big impediment. The innovator companies are at ease working within their comfort zone and do not want to deal with unknown companies.

This is the real barrier that the innovator companies do not feel comfortable working with many companies from developing world.


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