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We believe you agree that global health is everybody’s business. After all, it is where science meets politics meets money meets law. Geneva Health Files has sought to capture these dynamics. 

Now more than ever, global health needs consistent scrutiny and greater accountability. We are keen on contributing towards these efforts.

Our in-depth, investigative analyses on global health shine light on important, but under-reported policy changes in Geneva every week.

Even after the headlines move on to the next crisis, we will be here. We will continue to bring you the story from Geneva with nuance and responsibility – because the shaping of international health policy needs attention.

In order to sustain this initiative, starting March 1st, we are introducing paid subscriptions for our original analyses that feature every Friday. Our special launch offer includes a 30% discount on annual subscriptions forever – if you sign up to become a paid subscriber before March 31, 2021!

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We wish to remain independent and do the journalism that our readers have valued. For this, we need consistent support for our work from our readers. 

After a year of bringing you comprehensive analyses and diverse perspectives from behind the scenes in global health policy-making, we are taking our first steps towards making this initiative sustainable. 

Starting March 1, 2021, our original reporting and analyses featured as Geneva Health Files Friday Deep Dives will go behind a paywall. Our Weekly Primer on Tuesdays will continue to remain free. 

The price of a Friday newsletter is lower than what you would pay for a coffee. When readers pay for content it helps preserve editorial independence. Subscriptions will diversify our revenues and give us the space to be original.  


Subscribe to the paid version on Fridays to access timely, in-depth and useful analyses characterized by our inter-disciplinary approach to reporting that combines science, politics and trade. 

We are offering an early supporter 30% discount on all annual subscriptions forever, to all those who subscribe before March 31. 

Our individual subscriptions are priced at an introductory rate of Euro 12 per month, or Euro 120 annually. For those of you who subscribe before March 31, 2021, there is a 15% discount on monthly subscriptions forever.

Our institutional subscriptions with up to five subscribers are priced at Euro 50 per month or Euro 600 per year. Institutional subscribers who buy in before March 31, 2021, will get a 10% discount forever. Larger institutional subscriptions such as for bigger organizations or universities can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

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In order to become a paid subscriber, you simply have to choose a subscription plan and enter your credit card information here. Geneva Health Files is supported by a secure payment gateway Stripe. 

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As a paid subscriber you will get timely and comprehensive analysis every Friday. We will help make sense of this relentless news cycle by going deep into one significant development in global health every week. You will also have access to interviews of experts and to fast-moving developments in global health.  

There are special discounts for our student subscribers – the future custodians of global health!

Free subscribers will continue to have access to The Weekly Primer on Tuesdays.  

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Our commitment and dedication to Geneva Health Files are priceless as illustrated by our consistent and nuanced reporting during the last year. 

In the immediate term, we want to keep this initiative going. We are most grateful for reader contributions over the past year. But the costs of operation have far outstripped the support we have received. Therefore we are pursuing a more sustainable approach.

Geneva Health Files is essentially a one-person newsroom in the face of the most important changes in global health in decades. Providing policy intelligence and deciphering motives, requires time, dedication and some serious effort. This requires more than full-time commitment.

Soon, we wish to have paid part-time support for research and marketing to meaningfully scale this initiative.  

The introductory pricing for 2021, takes into account the costs of running this journalistic initiative in Switzerland. As a publisher on Substack, we are also bound to pay for platform costs and for the payment gateway Stripe. Geneva Health Files pays taxes in Switzerland. 



We have worked hard to examine, investigate and analyse the rule makers and those who pay to make the rules. Your engagement has been crucial at a critical juncture in global health when the rules are being redrawn. 

Become a subscriber today. Join us in this journey towards greater transparency and accountability in global health policy-making.  

Thank you for being a part of this tremendous experience.

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