The U.S. & Brazil team up to map W.H.O. reform

The U.S. and Brazil have teamed up to lay out a governance reform proposal for WHO in the context of the urgencies that COVID-19 has wrought upon. The timing of such a proposal is bemusing given the uncertainties around American engagement at WHO.

It is expected that this proposal, along with others, will be discussed at the margins of the upcoming World Health Assembly next week, Zsuzsanna Jakab, Deputy Director-General, World Health Organization said at an event today.

While there are some convergences with the earlier proposal put forth by Germany and France (such as on independent access to outbreak areas), on certain issues including on funding for WHO emergencies programme or greater transparency for the workings of the IHR Emergency Committees, or “delinking” travel from trade restrictions during health emergencies, for example, there are some new approaches.

In a document titled, “Reviewing COVID-19 Response and Strengthening the WHO’s Global Emergency Preparedness and Response,” it sets out a roadmap for WHO.


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