The Three Month Mark: Geneva Health Files

Geneva Health Files completes three months – here’s what was covered

In the three months since its inception, Geneva Health Files has published more than a dozen, in-depth, comprehensive, analytical stories on global health matters as they took shape in Geneva. The city is  the epicenter of pandemic-related international health policy-making and this publication is keeping a close watch on how these decisions are being made. While many of these stories are, what are called “exclusives” in journalistic jargon, others were straight-forward curation of routine, but important developments in Geneva.

The publication is grateful for the trust shown by its sources and its growing community of dedicated readers. Thank you for reading. And do spread the word!

So far, it has been entirely self-financed, with the incredible support of my husband; and my young son who turned two this month.

Financial, technical and editorial support is welcome to make this initiative sustainable.

Looking forward to bringing you in-depth coverage in the weeks and months to come.

Priti Patnaik, Founding Editor, Geneva Health Files.

@pretpat @filesgeneva

Here is a recap of the stories since May 2020:

Key global health coverage that included exclusive reporting and analyses on COVID19 Response Resolution, COVID-19 Tech Pool, the WHO Allocation Framework, Gavi’s Covax Facility and matters at WTO.

July 2020

Resigning to supply constraints: WHO’s Allocation Framework –

WHO’s Allocation Framework on COVID19 health products –

GAVI COVAX FACILITY: Questions on access, pricing & governance –

COVID-19 Omnibus Resolution at the UN –

June 2020

COVID-19 Tech Platform – Countries pass up opportunity for a binding mechanism to ensure equitable access to meds –

The COVID-19 Voluntary IP Platform –

May 2020:

  • As the ACT Accelerator was taking shape:

What does the EU’s pledging event on May 4th, to fight COVID-19 actually mean for global health?

  • A series of stories tracking the negotiations around COVID19 response resolution as they took shape before being adopted by World Health Assembly in May:

Changes to the EU Proposal on COVID19 Response #WHA73

Latest version (May 6th) of the resolution on Covid-19 response for WHA73 –

Latest version (May 8th) of the resolution on Covid-19 response for WHA73

Latest version (May 12th) of the resolution on Covid-19 response for WHA73

Resolution COVID-19 response for WHA73 (Version May 13th) –

A strong call for COVID-19 treatments & vaccines to be global public goods – WHA73 (For International Health Policies) –

From the WTO stable:

Elections at the World Trade Organization: (A bonus story on trade!)

WTO: COVID19 – Measures regarding trade-related intellectual property rights –

WTO’s AB backs Australia on tobacco plain packaging –

Public health & tobacco plain packaging: Q&A with Benn McGrady, WHO –

Reporting for other outlets:

Feminist Foreign Policy and COVID-19 – Think Global Health –

Yes, COVID-19. But what about other infectious diseases? – The New Humanitarian –

COVID-19 Will Recast Global Health as a Security Issue. India Must Gear up for Health Diplomacy. – The Wire –

Q&A: WHO’s Mike Ryan on how countries in crisis can prepare for a coronavirus epidemic – The New Humanitarian –

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